Demmeler Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG


Innovations that have become standard for the crafts as well as the industry have always characterized the history of DEMMELER. With intelligent products which significantly increase efficiency and occupational safety. Awarded the TOP100 seal, we are one of the most successful innovators in Germany. With a large number of patents, DEMMELER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 3D clamping systems, manipulators, rotary tables, robot-based tool changing systems and machine tool components.


Products & Services


With our 3D-clamping-system, you have the right solution at hand to overcome any challenge for clamping, turning and positioning work pieces. The intelligent system grid and selection of flexible, sophisticated clamping tools offer unlimited clamping possibilities for you. Products from the original DEMMELER 3D-clamping-system set themselves apart with extreme robustness and durability. Our 3D-welding-tables have the best surface characteristics and a hardness of up to 860 Vickers thanks to the special, optimised DEMONT hardening process – making them even more wear-resistant and durable.
Our manipulators consistently moves even the highest payloads into the ideal position. A special characteristic of the DEMMELER Ergonomix®M product family is the large swivel range of up to 180°. Since the tiltable manipulator can be adjusted in height and angle, you create an ergonomic working environment and avoid health problems for your employees with this handling device.