Know-how can be bought, culture has to be lived

Today Demmeler is a modern company that has accepted and successfully mastered the challenges of globalisation. This is not a matter of course, but the result of consistent action and visionary thinking.

One has to be part of change so as not to be surprised by it. This requires vision and the courage to act on it. The risk of being ahead of their time is something they gladly accept. This pioneering spirit helps them thrive in the midst of permanent change, since their industry in particular is defined by ongoing technology revolutions. Certainly technology is important. But the people who operate the technology are just as crucial. They are guided by benchmarks and adhere to standards. But creating something outstanding demands higher ideals for orientation. Those are not found in tables and requirements specifications, they need to be demonstrated.

Sustainability and viability are emphasised at Demmeler. One example is the company’s sophisticated energy supply with its own solar electricity.