From garage operation to model company

For nearly five decades now, the name of Demmeler has been synonymous with innovative flagship solutions in machine and systems engineering. Five decades, during which a small turning shop, with a great level of high commitment and ingenuity, has developed into a modern, powerful and successful international company with over 200 employees.

With its products, Demmeler is now setting industry standards for the benefit of its customers. In 1992, understanding the meaning of uncompromising quality, and Demmeler’s consistent objective of optimising economic efficiency while maintaining maximum flexibility, led Demmeler to the unique concept of a 3D modular clamping system. During the development phase, care was taken from the beginning to make sure that the multi-patented tools were fully able to meet the high demands on precision, speed and efficiency. At the first presentation already, Demmeler got a great response and received highest awards such as the German Federal Award (Deutscher Bundespreis) and the Bavarian State Prize for Innovation (Bayerischer Staatspreis für Innovation). It is with great pride that we can say that our original Demmeler 3-D clamping system has become an international industrial standard. Demmeler innovations are being used everywhere: from small local metalworking shops to major corporations. Our clamping systems have a wide range of applications and uses, for instance: steel construction, sheet metal processing, robot technology, assembly and measuring equipment, laser welding, laser cutting, prototype construction and body construction.

They consider it their obligation to continually develop their clamping systems and to invest into their company headquarters location of Germany in order to continue to be the perfect business partner for their customers because of an excellent price-performance ratio.

Demmeler 3D clamping system – often imitated but never duplicated!